Ring Routes

From a Player to a Traveler

What is Ring Routes?

„The Ring Routes – Icelandic Summer” is a family-oriented board game which will guide you through Icelandic landscapes, winding roads and hidden touristic treasures. It will introduce you to many tourist attractions and activities on the island – the very famous ones as well as those still undiscovered, and help you plan your future trip. It’s the first guide book which you can play and a perfect game for anyone who is dreaming or planning to visit Iceland!


Unique system in which players decide how long the game will be!

~30-120 mins


This game is designed in such a way to help you plan your trip to Iceland in real life. To do so, choose how many days you want to spend on the island and how many companions will you have. This decision will determine the level of the difficulty of the game and time needed to finish it. The more players and the less time you have, the more difficult it will be to achieve your goals. So watch closely what the others are doing and react when it is needed!


Route building
Secret Missions
Collecting Points
Time Management


It may be a difficult task to plan your trip when you and your friends have different dream locations to visit and unfortunately time is limited for everyone. Moreover, all of you share the same rental 4×4 car, change as a driver frequently and face obstacles on your way, so sometimes you will need to make compromises. Remember, you won’t ever be able to see everything.


Mix of competitive & cooperative game
Trip planner

For who is this game?

This game is designed to be played by 2 to 5 players. Unfortunately more people won’t be able to fit in the standard car you are going to drive. Each player should be at least 8 years of age. We apologize, but the car which you are going to rent in Iceland won’t be equipped with baby car seats.

Are you ready for an ICELANDIC adventure?

Together with a group of friends you will be travelling through Iceland! Time is set, destinations are chosen so just pick up a car and hit the road!

During the game you will explore the island, visit famous Icelandic landmarks, explore its hidden gems and try various local activities. It is tempting to have a plan to see everything but when travelling with others you are almost guaranteed to be often changing your paths and routes. So keep that in mind and make sure not to miss your flight or ferry ride back home.

road iceland
map of Island board game Ring Routes with a text "From a player to a traveler" and logo

Your Best Strategy

There are multiple routes to choose from to reach your goals. Use your skills and planning techniques to seize the opportunities, react to the constantly changing situation on the road and convince other players to go where you would like to. Play it wisely (or mean!). This trip will be a real test for your characters. Travelling in a group is never an easy task however if you manage it well then you can go anywhere together!

iceland mountain


On the board there are located all major tourist attractions, as well as many breathtakingly scenic roads, beautiful hikes and unique hidden places. All in one game and all real!

iceland snowbike


In the game you will find many real-life outdoor activities provided by local tour operators with an average time required to try them out.


Journey can be full of surprises, unexpected events and unusual situations. Use special rescue cards for your advantage when you need to react quickly.

Realistic map

Map of Iceland has been divided into 12 rows and 12 columns creating an easy to navigate net filled with roads, towns, tourist attractions, hikes and activities in the form of rings. This will help you to find your dream locations and secret missions much faster.

Every move on the board happens between two neighboring rings and it corresponds to an actual 20-30 minutes drive in Iceland in real life. In addition, every cost of an attraction or activity in the game represents a realistic average time spent at each of the attractions or activities. This makes Ring Routes the first actual guide book and trip planner you can play. With this map and cards you can find places you like the most, create a route between them, count rings and cost of activities and attractions and…voila! Your trip is already planned!

The map of Iceland was designed by a professional tour guide and all essential locations, attractions, connections and activities were included to create a game which can educate, help plan your trip and prepare your Icelandic adventure. If you are already in Iceland then just play it and find your own way to get the most out of your trip.

Launching on Kickstarter in 2024

Ring Routes will have its premiere on KICKSTARTER and GAMEFOUND at the beginning of 2024. We want to build this project together with a community and develop it in the way that fits the best players’ and travellers’ needs. Only with your support and feedback we can improve it and expand in different countries and markets. Help us to decide what’s going to be the next destination: Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canary Islands or another place? There are plenty of routes to choose, so join us and let’s go on this wonderful journey together. Next destination may be yours. Iceland is just the beginning!

The launch of the campaign is set for the spring of 2024. Campaign will last 3-4 weeks and that is the period when you will be able to pledge your order and start this wonderful journey together with us. The game should be delivered to you during the summer of 2024.

Not all those who wander are lost

Neither will you be with Ring Routes. We are sure that thanks to this game you will find your own path or route. But first sign up for our notifications about the launch of the campaign and get a reminder on day 1. During the campaign you will be able to order a unique version of the game, with more cards and more tasks to play and that’s just a tiny part of it. So don’t miss out!


Secret Mission Cards


Rescue Cards


Activity Cards


Realistic Whiteboard


Drive into the magical world of Prusage – discover 7 unique races


Explore all the game cards. Learn their powers and technik gameplay!



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Fill up the form on the right and send us a message to be notified about launch of our campaign. If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas please feel free to drop as a line. We are more than willing to talk to you, play with you or meet you in Iceland!

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